Welcome everyone,

As we prepare for about 150 students from anywhere across the world to come together and debate world issues, they will require housing.

This is a great time for parents and students of Rivers International School to unite together to achieve a common goal; the success of the second edition of Rimun.


So apart from demonstrating school spirit, why should you house?

- If you are planning on being a delegate, you will receive a 5 euro discount IF you apply before January.

- Towards the end of Rimun, we will throw a massive party to celebrate. If you decide to host, you will be granted to go to the party for free, regardless of if you are attending Rimun or not.

- It’s a great Service as Action activity and could be used for CAS* - Don’t miss out!


If you would like to house, you may use the following link:

Housing application


If you have any questions regarding housing, please do not be afraid to ask them.

You can contact the Rimun housing team using the following email: rimunhousing2019@gmail.com


Kind regards,

the Rimun housing team 2019


*Conditions apply