Rimun started with its first conference in March 2018 - organized by Marta Ceccareli and Karan Srinadam as the Secretary Generals. The MUN was created with the inspiration to provide a new conference with a different location and interesting perspectives which may not be present at other older conferences. Rimun is focused on providing individual focus on delegates and allowing for a large scale prosperous debate in which everyone can be excited to participate.

This year's Rimun is headed by the Secretary Generals David Verspui and Dominique Wagemaker. They worked hard to find a new way to set this conference apart from others and decided the best way to do so would be to use creativity. The concept of the theme has been touched upon before by other conferences but this year it will focus on looking forward and ensuring a stable future. By pressing the fact that delegates are the main importance of a MUN debate, all of the organizing committees have worked hard to find new initiatives to make the experience more enjoyable and concrete to follow through both for beginning delegates and experienced ones. 

Hopefully everyone enjoys this year's conference as much as the last and that that many more successful Rimuns will be possible in the future.

See you there!