General Assembly 6th Committee


Topic 1: Securing rights for illegal immigrants

Topic 2: Addressing the issue of statelessness

Chair: Alana Peters   Deputy: Esmee Wentholt

Committee Introduction:


The General Assembly's Sixth Committee (GA6) of the United Nations, also known as the Legal Committee, is one of the six committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It includes all United Nations Member States. The former, being entitled to their own representation within the Legal Committee, as under the UN Charter, all member states and observer states of the United Nations are part of the Sixth Committee and have an equal vote. Documents devised by the Sixth Committee require a simple majority (51%) to pass, however the Legal Committee is subject to its own rules of procedure, as declared in Article 21 of the UN Charter. The Committee often meets in Ad Hoc form of debate and adopts draft resolutions without a vote. Like other General Assembly Committees is not able to authorise armed interventions, impose sanctions or pass binding resolutions.  Like all General Assembly committees the GA6 deals with matters regarding world peace, but focuses on dealing with legal questions in the General Assembly, within the field of the UN Charter. 


Notable treaties by the Legal Committee include the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of 1998.


While law-making negotiations take place in a variety of specific bodies of the United Nations, depending on their subject-matter, negotiations related to general international law are usually held at the Sixth Committee.

RIMUN GA6 Research Reports
Securing the rights for illegal immigrants and Addressing the issue of statelessness
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