General Assembly 3rd Committee

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural

Topic 1: Protection of the rights of women and children in middle-eastern/Asian/African countries.

Topic 2: How to deal with the ageing population around the world

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Committee Introduction:


The Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee is the General Assembly’s Third Committee (GA3) and one of the six committees of the United Nations General Assembly. It includes all United Nations Member States, as under the UN Charter, all member states and observer states of the United Nations are part of the Third Committee and have an equal vote. Documents devised by the Third Committee require a simple majority (51%) to pass and like other General Assembly Committees is not able to authorise armed interventions, impose sanctions or pass binding resolutions.  Like all General Assembly committees the GA3 deals with matters regarding world peace, but focuses on dealing with affairs that threaten humans including reports of the special procedures of the newly established Human Rights Council.